Saveorites are the easiest way to connect and save with PennyTalk! With Saveorites, you’ll save 20% more on our already low rates.

What is a Saveorite?

A Saveorite is a 10-digit U.S. phone number that we’ll give you to call each of up to 10 of your favorite people. You’ll tell us who you want to call and from which phones, and we’ll give you a Saveorite for each of your favorites. Simply dial the 10-digit phone number from your registered phone(s) and you’ll connect directly with your favorite. Plus, you’ll save 20% on every Saveorite call.

Is there anything I should know about the Saveorites number? Are the calls toll-free?

Saveorites are domestic U.S. phone numbers. Any charges that you would incur to make a domestic call to New Jersey would apply from your mobile or home phone service provider, including airtime or long distance charges. You must have long distance service to use Saveorites if calls to New Jersey are not local for you.

How do Saveorites work?

Let’s say you have a cousin Jane in Germany and you call her at home all the time. You’ll tell us Jane’s phone number and your home and mobile phone number that you want to call her from.

We’ll give you a Saveorite for Jane – a 10-digit U.S. phone number (3-digit area code and 7-digit phone number) for you to call. When you dial the Saveorite number from your registered home or mobile phone, Jane’s phone in Germany will ring and you’ll save 20% on every call.

How many Saveorites can I have?

You can have up to 10 Saveorites. Each Saveorite number can be called from up to 5 registered phones. So in the example above, you can call your Saveorite number for Jane’s home phone from your registered home and mobile phones. If you also want to call Jane’s mobile phone as a Saveorite, just add a new Saveorite.

How do I get Saveorites?

That’s easy. You can add Saveorites when you sign up for PennyTalk or at any time in the online Account Center.

How do I use Saveorites with an app?

For iPhone and Android apps, simply open the PennyTalk Mobile app and dial the Saveorites number from your keypad or tap the number in a pre-programmed contact. For PennyTalk Mobile BlackBerry app users, simply dial the Saveorites number from your phone keypad or Address Book.


U.S. 1-888-311-8360

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