It’s easy to download and use the PennyTalk Mobile app for BlackBerry. The app comes with up to 100 minutes of free international calls!

Once you download the free app, enroll for the free trial and start calling right away. Simply dial an international number from your keypad or choose an international number from your Address Book. There’s no need to open the app to make an international call. It’s so easy!

After your free trial (or at any time), easily add funds to your account by tapping ADD FUNDS from the app menu within the app. You can also visit the online Account Center at or to add funds.

Free trial – 100 minutes of international calls

Download the app, enter your mobile info, choose “Get Free Minutes” and instantly receive a $1 credit. That’s up to 100 minutes of free international calls!

Dial an international number from your keypad or choose an international number from your Address Book to place a call immediately. You’ll have up to 30 days to use your free trial minutes.

  • If you already have a PennyTalk account, you can still get your free $1 credit just by logging in to your PennyTalk account from within the app.
Easily add funds to keep calling

When your account balance runs low, you can quickly add funds by tapping ADD FUNDS from the app menu within the app. Or, set up Auto-Recharge in the online Account Center at or to ensure you never run low on funds. PennyTalk accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

PennyTalk rates are among the lowest you’ll find

PennyTalk’s rates are the same whether you call using a mobile app or your home phone. When calling from the app, there is no connection fee on calls.

Use your PennyTalk account from all of your phones

Your PennyTalk Mobile account can also be used to make calls from your home or other phones.

How will I know my account balance?

You can find your account balance on the app keypad. Each time you make a call you will also hear your account balance and the minutes remaining for your call. Your balance will be updated after your call.

Are there any fees?

PennyTalk has a low monthly service fee of 99¢. This is charged on your monthly anniversary of your account activation. PennyTalk has no monthly minimums, auto-refill requirements or recharge fees.

Are there any requirements for my phone?

PennyTalk Mobile requires that you have a domestic calling plan with data service. If you can make domestic calls from your phone, you can use PennyTalk Mobile. Your phone does not need to be set to make international calls.

You will also need BlackBerry Device Software v4.3 or higher; please note that PennyTalk Mobile is not compatible with devices that run the BlackBerry 10 operating system. PennyTalk Mobile uses your regular mobile signal, so anywhere you can make a call, you can call with the app. There’s no Wi-Fi required.

Does PennyTalk use minutes or data?

Calls made with PennyTalk Mobile may use your domestic airtime minutes or mobile data, depending upon which calling method the app uses (minutes, mobile data or Wi-Fi). The app also uses a small amount of data when updating your account information.

How can I be sure I’m using PennyTalk Mobile for my international calls?

There are several ways to be sure that you’re calling with PennyTalk Mobile:

  • While your call is being connected, you will see the PennyTalk Mobile call status screen. It displays the international number you are calling.
  • When your call is connected, you’ll hear “Thank you for using PennyTalk.”
Can I use PennyTalk Mobile for domestic calls?

Yes. PennyTalk Mobile is designed for both international and domestic calling.

Can I use PennyTalk Mobile from outside the U.S.?

Yes. You can use the app while traveling outside of the U.S. To minimize roaming charges, please ensure that you turn on the “Use Wi-Fi” calling option in the app and enable Wi-Fi on your phone. Also be sure to disable international roaming on your phone and turn off the app’s "Use my Minutes" and “Use my Data Plan” calling options.

How do I use Saveorites with PennyTalk Mobile?

Once you have your 10-digit Saveorite number for your favorite, add it to your Address Book. Tap the Saveorite number in your Address Book and you’ll connect to your favorite right away. You’ll save 20% more every time you call a Saveorite number.

What is my account number and/or PIN?

Your PennyTalk account number is usually your mobile number. Your account number can be found on the Settings screen within app. You created a 4-digit PIN when you signed up for your PennyTalk Mobile account.

If you forgot your account number and/or PIN, use the login help button above to receive your information via email. The button is the question mark on the top right of your screen. If you need further assistance, please call customer service at 888-311-8360.


When installing the PennyTalk Mobile app, I keep getting asked to give permission. Why is that and what should I do?

The permissions are being requested by the BlackBerry software. With each question, please choose “Allow” to complete the installation process.

During the installation process, I am prompted to “Save” or “Discard” changes. What should I do?

Please select “Save” for all changes in order to ensure that the PennyTalk Mobile app functions properly.

Where can I find the PennyTalk Mobile app? I don't see it on my Home screen after downloading.

If the PennyTalk Mobile app doesn't appear on your Home screen, check the Downloads folder on your BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry documentation should have instructions for moving the PennyTalk Mobile app to your Home screen.

The message “There was a problem logging in (-2)” appeared on my BlackBerry display. What does this mean?

Your mobile signal may not be strong enough for PennyTalk Mobile to connect to the IDT network. Try calling from a location where you have better mobile reception.

When I call a number with an automated menu, why can’t I access the menu options? I press the number keys but nothing happens.

To use an automated menu during a call, please exit the “PennyTalk Call Status” screen by pressing the ESC key on your BlackBerry. You should then be able to access and use the automated menu.

Why is the account balance displayed on the PennyTalk Mobile main screen different from the balance I hear when making a call?

The balance display on the PennyTalk Mobile main screen may not update if you exited the app by pressing the red “End” key. To ensure that your account balance is updated the next time you open the app, please use the “Escape” key whenever you exit. If you have a BlackBerry 8700, please use the “Convenience” key located below the scroll wheel to exit the app.

How do I turn off the PennyTalk Mobile app?

Open the app by clicking on the PennyTalk Mobile icon. Go to the Settings screen and switch the app OFF, then click Save.

I updated my BlackBerry Device Software and now my international calls are not being handled by PennyTalk Mobile. How do I get PennyTalk Mobile working again?

Updating your BlackBerry Device Software may require you to download and install PennyTalk Mobile again. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the app by clicking on the PennyTalk Mobile icon.
  2. Go to the Settings screen and note your Account Number and PIN. You'll need this information in Step 6.
  3. IMPORTANT: Delete the current version of PennyTalk Mobile from your BlackBerry.
  4. Go to the download page ( using your BlackBerry web browser and click the download link.
  5. After you have downloaded and installed PennyTalk Mobile, click on the penny icon to open the app.
  6. Go to the Login screen and enter your Account Number and PIN. Your account balance will be displayed on the main PennyTalk Mobile screen, and your international calls should once again be handled by PennyTalk Mobile.


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